My name is Gladiator

Sometimes,  the project is a real fight. Stakeholders starts arguing, passing the stress caused by someone, to someone else.

Under pressure, you tend to forget emphatizing with people who normally cooperates and you have been considering cooperative so far.

You risk to fall involuting into a severe and risky series of mistakes. Read this and promise you will never permit other to feel this way.

I wrote this italics for myself some years ago promising I would have never slipped again. It’s hard, but the real winning Gladiator is the one able to avoid this.

“You change your attitude, you get aggressive. You look for a scapegoat, someone to blame. You need him!!!!

It mostly happens purely in your mind, nobody else realize. They simply see you as a moodiness guy having a bad day.

And when your boss calls you for a status update, you literally shower him with issues he is not willing to listen to.

Chiefs are seldom in a bad mood. Their guys are. Would you really like to ruin your boss good day? Too late, you did.

Then it gets late, you are all alone in the office, still sending looong mails explaining it was not your fault (it was the fu@@ bstrd guy from other department  fault!!).

And you include a loooong list of cc readers, each covering a role higher than yours.

Finally, you try to recall the most irritating mail, you fail.

You start feeling bad, you feel deeply sorry, sad, angry, blaming this awful job and wondering why nobody notice you deserve to work in a better place”

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