The game rules the rules of the game

Are you consulting for a big firm? Are you consulting at big client organization?

Then maybe you are wondering the wrong questions (and certainly you are meeting guys doin so).

That’s good, fast, TRUE , commentary by Michael Wade, here you should shape your mind on.

I am reporting it to you right here. We all should learn from Michael, good excercise to provide add ons to his list.




Logic: It’s a minor item. It should breeze past the board.

Experience: Major items breeze. Minor items crawl. They’ll devote prolonged debate to the minor issues because they think they know something about the topic.


Logic: It’s a sensitive assignment. They’ll want the best person for the job.
Experience: No, they’ll want someone they can trust. Competence is optional.
Logic: Every possible point has been made. The committee will want to vote.

Experience: Dream on. A decision will not be made until everyone who cares to do so has commented on those points.
Logic: They’ll want their employees to have information so a good decision can be made.

Experience: They’ll want their employees to have their officially approved information so an officially approved decision will be assured.

Logic: They’ll want justice.

Experience: They’ll want victory.

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