Always recheck the equations


When performing analisys calculations, consultants should better recheck and verify all the equations.

European candidates faces are all around here in Italy. Politicians almost everywhere, fat smiling faces looking at you, giving their message.
I found a very idiot one in Venice that gives me the possibility to discuss about this post.
I will translate for you the stupid motto in the image: “independency -> lot of money” followed by

more services
less taxes

Are people going to believe that? Some will do.
More services means more wealth, that is obvious.
But while more taxes does not necesserely imply more services and wealth (especially in Italy), less taxes means definetely more money in your pocket but LESS for the common services,
then less common wealth.

This means the correct meaning of this is:

more services (paid by someone else) means more wealth (for you, not for others paying for your service)

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