We are going to die, someday. No matter how long we lived, we will always have regrets for things we hadn’t done. Even Frank Sinatra had a few of them.

When planning your career steps you should think the same (in scale): what would I like to do mostly before leaving this company?

Are you planning to reach a CEO position? Are you aiming to have a date with the nice assistant in the entrance. More seriously, are you going to experience something your consulting firm can give you?

Well, anytime you go for a career path update you should better keep your priority list in mind. You’d better know where you want to go. The alternative is going home with targets someone else decided for you, maybe your boss or the HR manager who cares nothing about you (and all about the company).

Draw your map, take it with you. Ask them indications and a pair of boots. Don’t let them recommend you what is good to sightseeing.


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