Motivation and hierarchy

As soon as a company gets bigger, it’s pretty hard to keep employees expectations in terms of career.

This is true for almost everybody, consulting  firms included.  This means they are forced to organize, and reorganize, again and again and again so that you have a director, and a vice director and a manager and a manager’s cooperator and a senior and a tutor and a team leader and…

They create pecking orders so that they can get careers steps closer but numerous. They discretize careers so much that sometimes you are a one guy leader managed by a two guys leader (one of which are you).

This reflects in losing the possibility to “stand for yourself”, as I normally call managing your own time/project for a client. I think this is really bad for consultants, especially for who don’t really need a babysitter. Your client can think you cannot decide for yourself; would you let someone drive a key project decision when he cannot even manage his own holidays?

We all need training, we need support, we need advices, and sometimes to be criticized and argued.

We need to make the most of others experience, but worthy guys are generally rare and quite busy I noticed.

Anyway,  babysitting is not in the list.

What to do then? Be careful when passively accepting this hierarchical structure over your head. 

Avoid talking to much about you to anybody who cannot directly decide about your salary or career.

Leave babysitter calling her boyfriend and go playing outside, beyond limits you cannot respect without losing self esteem.


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