Oh oh oh oh mandela day

It often occurs when working FOR a client is also being IN client premises, you share a common space with client’s employees. These issue could fill books of experiences, positive and negative. Common question is what to do with employees behaving as you if you were completely transparent?  They do not :

1) salute you

2) keep you cc’d in process mail

3) reply your mail directly (they usually tend to remove your name form DL too)

4) hide you fundamental info for the project

Well, the answer is…nothing in particular. None of the four above are real issues.

1) no smiles nor warms greetings? Perfect, this means they perfectly know WHO you are and WHY you are here. That’s sufficient.

2) you are supposed to make the right questions man, not to read “consulting for dummies” pre packaged answers. So come on, wake up and chase what you need

3) if they do not get back to you they certainly get back to someone else who is perfeclty aware of their dodgy behaviour. They are diggin’ their own grave.

4) are they puttin at risk your project? Are you sure? Are you really really sure you are not simply listening to your rage, to your stomach? Yes? Again are you really really really sure? If after wondering this 100 times you get the same affermative answer, then ask some other stakeholder if that is really really true. Once you are really sure your feelings are not influencing your evaluation, then go catch them and report them this would put at risk the project. They delay feedback? Report they missed due date to whole stakeholders.

In case they can really be a serious risk for the project (people behaving this way rarely are) then you can even decide to escalate this and include thi sin the projects risk. But believe me, this means you are facing a rare big trouble.

Microscopic egocentric ignorance will never be supported by client’s decision maker, so do not be so fool to suffer these guys. They “apartheid” you just because they “fear” you. So don’t be disgusted and stay on top of this.

You are here to take project to success, you have not been asked to give lessons nor fighting anybody.

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