Work + Children = Game ?

Today is client’s children day.

Funny guys dressed as fishes walking around the corridors, temporary funny drawings on our desks. Dads and moms showing their babies where daddy and mommy spend most part of their days.

What if I were a child? I would probably wonder:

– so that is why mom and dad leave (abandon) me in the nursery; they come here to play with some other adults

– how can they tell me they are too tired for playing with me  after having spent a whole day in such a funny place?

– life is waking  up in the morning, going to play with people our own age , then home

– dad and mom job is about nothing they can teach me

– work is having a chair to seat on

– there are some strange and serious guys sitting next to dad who silently keep watching a screen as if they completely don’t care about me

– dad is much more kind with that strange old man he calls boss rather than he is with mom or with me

– what do they play with all the time? I see no toys here!

Anyway…I am not a child, so what I see are many lovely babies each parent should try to spend more time with. Happy children’s day!


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