Consulting and intolerance

It often occurs that several consultants from various competing companies share the same space in a client premise.

There are some who are project oriented, then they get the most from the working group participants regardless the company they belong.

Others discredit competitors people to win a battle on a ground they cannot win elsewhere.

This is because a kind of intolerance is a widely used human behavior (to me a weakness, anyway) marketing strategy.

As a consultant you present yourself as a mix of personal attitude, skills and marketing techniques.

Up to you choosing the right ones.


Journalists almost every day  pontificates about intolerance in the most (intentional) confusing way.

The blog author (see  following link) really has the nerve to make this clear in just few lines.


One response to “Consulting and intolerance

  1. I think I’m not “intolerant”. Maybe not so friendly, but this comes from my nature. Anyway, as a consultant I was been very often in the situation Andrea depicted. I want to point out a different aspect, regardless of the level of co-operation. I had noticed two main phenotypes: the Experts, who know what we are talking of, and the Fuffamen, who don’t understand nothing at all. Ok, I’m taking the concept to the extreme, just for fun. But, what have I to do if some of these Fuffamen Consultant comes in a discussion, asking something obvious? Or wastes your time, talking of something you really don’t know and above all you aren’t interested in? What do they need? Attention? Consideration? You’re not the client, so why doing this? I really don’t know. When this happened to me, I listen to them. The trick is nodding with your head, trying to reach the right trade-off between passion and an absolute indifference. Don’t turn away your head. Listen to them, you can learn how to speak saying nothing. This “expertise” would be useful in a future. But above all, they don’t annoy you anymore, that’s guaranteed!

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