Quit or Stick?

It’s really hard to decide. When should I quit? When should I stick? Up to …when?

What does determine the decision? Recommend you a good reading, Seth Godin “The Dip”, quite a must have book.

Let’s consider a consultant career; the question occurs so frequently. You must learn to read indicators, to choose the right ones.

To know when it’s time to remain in your company, or to accept  a new project for the same client, or to extend your presence in a workgroup, and when it is not. If you are good in what you do, and someone makes money with that, you’ll get lot of compliments and congratulations. They will try to convince you that if you are so good and succesful in what you do, why should this change? Change is a risk (for them) then is not good (for them too!).

They will tell you “keep doing good and your career will take off!”. This is bullshit mate.

Your DREAMS, the RISKS you take, the chances you hit, the perfect timing on choices, that makes you skyrocketing.

Decide indicators and parameters, listen to your internal voice, ask your friends, ask colleague whether they see you as destinated to a great future or someone who is wasting time.

Forget compliments, they just pass, they’re just words blowing in the wind.

REAL congratulations are what gets you closer to a leap further, something taking you to the next step. If they just tell you “Great, well done”, that costs little or nothing to them, and it is nothing to you. Then you’d better look around as life ia short mate.

If they tell you, “these are 500 euros you’d better spend on an english course as your is  maccheronic”, this is a step further.

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