Exercise: nice watch, use it for one day

Exercise number 2 🙂 : make it to keep a predefined timing. Your nice fashion watch is not there to inform you that supermarket is about to close and your dinner will be another pizza…; watches can measure time intervals too.

For one day, decide meetings duration, discussion limit time, limit time to certain part of the project, in a word (or 3 words actually) control your time.

See what happen when you take the steering 10 minutes close to the end of a meeting time trying to fix decisions.

See what when you really close the call with someone who rang asking for “just 2 minutes of your time”.

See what happen when you respect time for task A in order to respect time for task B (whose stakeholder pushes slightly less so you normally delay and delay and delay again).


– you will differentiate giving your brain the time to get acquanted with issue #1 while taking care of issue #2 and sometimes giving you the “eureka!” solution later

– you won’t let others needs overwhelming you and your time. You have the right to go to the supermarket when bread is still on the shelves

– you will not take more time to others, they will be grateful to you (and you’ll meet them at the supermarket)

– you have the power to decide. Use it. Using you power to decide needs to be trained everyday or you risk to loose it.

What time is it? Ouch…pizza again. 😦

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