Have you any “omniscent willing to work for free” friend to present us for an urgent job opening?

It often occurs you get a call from a manager asking you support on finding the right guy for an urgent consulting opening.

Break please.

The manager is in a hurry, he needs the guy to make money with that. Don’t misunderstood this. Yes, he is in a hurry but…

– he still needs the RIGHT guy. And finding the right guy still takes the same time (maybe longer).


Do not present him someone just because is your good friend in search of a new job. If you commit on this, you will have to be as selective as your manager.

– he (probably) already evaluated many other candidates


Please check whether the guy you found already applied for this or his resume was already in the database  and has been  discarded for some reasons

– he probably already relaxed the know-how requirements to ease your search


Do not relax further or you will cause him a further waste of time.

To make a long story short, if a manager asks you for support on quick finding a reliable resource, the only fast & reliable option is yourself!

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