Update your profile please

I am receving from time to time a mail pushing me for updating my profile in the company database.

These are spam generic mails, nevertheless quite unpolite, certainly triggered by an automatic detection system.

I wonder then why I should keep my profile up to date while nobody reads this (expect for the automatic script that evaluates the last saving date).

This made me think about what a good up to date “profile” should look like. Any congratulation/thank you/well done! mail should be somehow archived and zipped to enter the “profile”.

Every project report should be in, not the file but the pdf imported signed document. Every acknowledgment, every good idea, every single good tip who lead to project success should be in.

This requires an effort from you, but next time the bell(mail) rings you can get back with quite a password zipped stuff. Only a human will recognize it and ask  for the password, then you’ll make sure this will be read!


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