Several bosses, just one salary?

When my family asked me first about my job, I do not remeber exactely what I replied.

But I’ll never forget what they got from my explanation. A single sentence: “Dog with two masters will die starving”.

This is the very first difference you have to deal with when commencing this job.

You get what you need to pay the bills from your company. You get the rest from your client.

Hey, what’s that? You said “get”? You meant “give” right? Not really.

Let’s answer.  Who you work for? Mmmh, let’s try with another and leave this at the end for the moment.

Where do you work? Well, this is pretty easy, sometimes at my company, sometimes at the client premises. So? Well, I would say everywhere.

Ok, let’s move on. What is you work? I solve client issues so he can pay my company. So? Well, I would say I create conditions so that someone is so happy to pay someone else.

Let’s ask about when now. Well, everytime the two players above (client and company) needs something. So I would say anytime.

Why? Pretty easy. But out of this blog scope.

Let’s move back to the who then. We are guys who work anytime and everywhere to make someone happy and able to pay someone else. So who do we work for? The problem source or the money sponge?

Guys, the answer to me is that we work for the market. We remove obstacles so that money can move around.

And by moving the big wheel of money, we route some in our pockets. This is to me the way we should see our work. This is why our work is so important, so real, so practice. This is why is so important that consultant does not set himself in the middle of the wheel. We are the lubrificant of wheel’s mechanism. We make it move.

We are not the dog, not the food, nor the masters. We are the ones who let masters having dogs and dogs having masters. We are the bell ringing when is lunch time for both dogs and masters.

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