What this blog is for

My name’s Andrea I am 34 years old  and a 6 years old consultant. I will not name my company as this blog focus on the art of being a consultant, not really to look sort of company ads or something.

This is (at the very beginning) a blog about ME that I wish to turn into a blog about US.

What “us” stands for?

I would like consultants visiting this blog to leave something for others, a comment, a topic, a critic, something to discuss about. It just has to be something useful.

This is not the place to use for screaming personal frustration. Nobody cares about it and the risk is this gets boring and annoying somehow.

This is about BEST PRACTICES.

This is about what you learned so far. And to get better.

I am italian and my english is not perfect. I meant to write in english as I would like this place get contribution from people experiencing this job around the world. For consultants english fluency is a must-have.

Please try to communicate your thoughts, don’t care too much about using perfect english. Just communicate.

If you prefer to post in italian or any other language this is fine too. Jeroglifics are considered sarcarsm.

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